Tuesday, 24 September 2013


2 weeks, 250 miles (due to slightly inaccurate map reading), at least 250 meals cooked, 3 tanks of fuel, 50 cakes consumed by the support team whilst waiting, millions added to the local community by the support team's 'essential' purchases and nearly £2500 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Thank you to everyone who supported us; if it was with driving, cooking, words of encouragement, discounts, donations or comedy.  We've done it - we've walked from Dunnottar Castle to Dunvegan Castle in rain, snow, sleet, wind and the tiniest bit of sunshine.  We've grappled midges, ducks, trees, cows and banana man.  We've enjoyed the best of Scottish Hospitaity and some of the rudest situations ever (ladies of Fort Augustas and beardy man of Skye you know who you are).  The munches never want to see a camper van again (little do they know it is my new favourite thing and one will be purchased v soon).  Missy V and I went on tent strike on the final day as we put it up twice in Dunvegan, the poles snapped and were bodge taped together only for the whole thing to be blown down during the night and the dad, Missy V and Mr Mac had to spend the night in a portacabin.  The munches and I slept through the whole thing.

Even though it rained on the last day, we had a fanastic finale to the Daunder at Dunvegan Castle.  Many thanks to Fiona and the Castle team, the Isle of Skye Pipe Band and the tourists who saw the final few meters.  Dunvegan opened the Castle Gates we were piped in and welcomed to the Castle.  Mum's spirit is home and the sparkly wine on the gun terrace was ace.

I will do a final DDDaunder post to list all the companies that helped along the way with contact details but would just like to say a huge thank you.

It was emotional through out the walk, but those final few steps were hard for many of us.  As a family we've not only lost my mum, but Cousin M's dad, the dad's dad, aunty Joan, cousin H has faced a long battle, both nan's haved fought breast cancer and other close family members and friends have been affected by cancer.  Everyone knows someone, everyone will be affected by cancer in some way in their life so please give a little to those that provide the support and friendship when you feel exhausted, emotional and at a loss as to what to do next.


So here's to the Daunder, to Macmillan, to the friends and family that made it possible; but most of all, here's to Mum.

Jen xx

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